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Gary Cubeta Reports: Will Gold Prices Surge Under Trump Like They Did Under Obama?

Increasing nerves regarding the Trump Presidency likely account for some of the gains. Although the fundamentals of the gold market remain strong even were Trump not becoming President of the United States of America. A backdrop of financial repression and global currency debasement involving ultra loose monetary policies and....

Gary Cubeta Reports: Ukrainian Crisis Expected to Spur Gold Prices

Gary Cubeta Reports: 57gold.com and unfortunately, there's nothing like an escalating global conflict when it comes to triggering a price jump in precious metals. Experts say that the calamity in Ukraine could easily rally gold prices and that buyers should consider investing before prices rise too high, which could happen overn....

Gary Cubeta Reports: Experts Say Bank Runs Can Become Rampant Overnight

Gary Cubeta Reports: 57gold.com and in times of economic uncertainty, bank runs can just about be expected. Right now, lines of nervous bank customers are swarming all of the banks in Crimea, desperate to rescue some of their savings. Will they get money before the banks run out and chain their doors? Hopefully, but banks can ne....

Gary Cubeta Reports: A Billion Square Feet of Abandoned Commercial Space Gathering Dust Across America

Gary Cubeta Reports: 57gold.com and here are a few things you'll wish you didn't know about the U.S. economy, whose life force is growing more and more dim every passing day. The link below features a long list of financial nightmares, but one important thing to keep in mind is that Best Buy, Office Depot, Radio Shack, J.C. Penn....

Gary Cubeta Reports: Is 2014 the Year of Inflation?

Gary Cubeta Reports: 57gold.com and it looks like it's up, up and away! According to CNBC, a "perfect storm" is poised to trigger massive inflation, and U.S. citizens are about to feel it the most. Volatiles times call for cautionary measures, as it's better to be overly prepared instead of caught off-guard. In hopes of finding ....

Gary Cubeta Reports: U.S. Economy Sinking Deeper Into Bottomless Pit

Gary Cubeta Reports: 57gold.com and these are the times that we live in. Despite optimistic proclamations from the usual puppets in charge, the U.S. economy can barely stand up. The Commerce Department recently modified its growth estimate down to 2.4% from what was originally 3.2%... and if anything, it seems like growth will c....

Gary Cubeta Reports: Escalating Hostility in Ukraine Sinking Global Stock Markets

Gary Cubeta Reports: 57gold.com and the massive volatility of the stock market is revealed every time a new crisis is born. The Dow has dropped 200 points as the Ukrainian conflict worsens, and we're seeing a worldwide plunge. While it's true that the market can fluctuate for precious metals as well, at the end of the day, if yo....

Gary Cubeta Reports: Bank Runs Predicted to Become Common Around Globe

Gary Cubeta Reports: 57gold.com and it's one country at a time, folks. Ukrainians recently withdrew 7% of all available deposits within 48 hours alone, and it's only going to get worse. Economic analysts believe that bank runs will eventually come to America, and when that happens, you'll be happy if you planned for financial ca....

Gary Cubeta Reports: Over $100 Billion Flawed Payments from Uncle Sam Sent Out Every Year

Gary Cubeta Reports: 57gold.com and its absolutely mind boggling, folks. It's true that you can't expect perfection from the government, but in a time of economic horror, you also don't expect to see U.S. dollars going down the toilet, en masse. Researchers are finding that the U.S. government sends out over $100,000,000.00 in i....

Gary Cubeta Reports: Are Analysts at JPMorgan Chase Predicting U.S. Bank Runs?

Gary Cubeta Reports: 57gold.com and experts believe that Chase bank's new cash policies may be based upon internal fears about the likelihood of U.S. bank runs. Dark days are predicted ahead, folks... prepare while you still can. Chase bank has decided to make it impossible for someone to deposit cash in another person's account....

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