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The American Silver Eagle Coin: Fun Facts to Know and Tell

We here at 57Gold aren’t investment counselors. However, we know a heck of a lot about 1 oz silver, bars, coins and other bullion. And so we get a lot of phone calls from folks who’re trying to get more information about these produc....

The Gold IRA FAQ

Many investors know that they should diversify their investments. And more and more investors are starting to diversify by creating a gold IRA (also called a gold-backed IRA). This is an IRA that’s backed by physical gold. Maybe you’ve heard about the gold IRA. Perhaps you....

Investing in Gold (Including the Gold Buffalo Coin)

We here at 57Gold are precious-metals dealers, so you know we field a plenty of phone calls during any given week from people who’re interested in investing in gold.  Some of these eager buyers already know what they want, and it’s near im....

How to Create Your Silver IRA With Silver Bars and Coins

When you think about creating an individual retirement account (IRA), you probably think about stocks, bonds, mutual funds and similar paper-based investments. However, savvy investors are starting to rollover their existing paper-based IRAs into silver IRAs.  This means that th....

Facts About the American Silver Eagle 1 Oz Silver Bullion Coin

If you’ve thought about investing in 1 oz silver, then you’ve probably thought about buying a stockpile of American Silver Eagle coins. But before you make room in your vault, take a few moments to read this. ....

How to Create a Gold-Backed IRA

Have you heard about creating a gold IRA? No, I’m not talking about investing in gold mining companies. Instead, I’m talking about actually creating a gold-backed IRA. This is an individual retirement account that’s backed with tangible assets – like....

Why You Should Invest in a Gold IRA or Other Gold Investments

Whether you’ve been talking to professional investors or even just a group of your savvy friends, you’ve no doubt heard the advice that you should invest in gold. Indeed, you can even turn your traditional IRA into a gold-backed IRA. This means that you don’t just invest in....

How to Create a Silver IRA With Silver Bars, Coins and Other Bullion

If you’ve thought about investing in your retirement, then you’ve likely already set up an IRA (individual retirement account) or a similar investment vehicle.  Problem is, the majority of these accounts depend heavily on stocks.  And if you’ve been paying attention to th....

American Silver Eagles and 1 Oz Silver: Is There a Better Alternative?

If you’ve talked to a few friends that like to invest in silver, then you’ve probably heard them talking about everything from 1 oz silver rounds to bars to various coins. In particular, you’ve probably heard a lot about American Silver Eagle coins. The reason American S....

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