In case of economic meltdown, simple Silver could save your life.

It’s 2023. The National Debt is over $30 Trillion Dollars. There is massive inflation. All the major cable outlets are reporting that the paper dollar is near collapse. Many merchants have made the decision to no longer accept paper money. Gold and Silver are quickly becoming the primary currency.

You are prepared. Over the past 15 years you have stockpiled a hoard of over 150 full ounce generic gold bullion coins. Gold is at a stunning $6,000 an ounce. Silver sells for $150 an ounce.

Your Gold has proven to be great as investment and potentially even better as a commerce coin to buy food, gas and firearms.

But those Full Ounce Gold Bullion coins prove to be a problem.

How do you make change for a $6,000 Gold Coin if you do need to use it for commerce in case of an actual economic meltdown?

Answer: You probably don’t.

Maybe you should have bought Silver or Fractional Swiss Gold instead.

But is economic collapse a real possibility or just a scare tactic?

The reality is that the U.S. is in dangerous territory with our modern day entitlement system. The government writes over 70 million checks each month. No one is quite sure how this all plays out if those checks were to suddenly stop.

What if the U.S. dollar becomes unstable to the extent that merchants won’t accept it? Nowhere is it written that they have to take paper money. Gold and Silver could become a feature currency by default.

Just make sure you buy product that you can actually use.

For more information, contact Gary Cubeta at 1-888-950-4653.

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