Buying Gold and Silver can be a great experience, but if you allow an outside company to “store” your metals … you are asking for trouble … Big trouble.

Watch Fox News during the day and you will see ad after ad for companies selling Gold. From smiling representatives to video footage of shiny gold and silver bullion to promises of selling product at 0% over dealer cost, it all looks so safe from the comfort of your home.

You’ve seen their ads for years, so you figure they must be safe to deal with.  You call them for a free information package and then the “fun” begins.

Rather than taking physical possession of your own Gold, they discuss the option of letting them store the metal for you. They’ll say it is a great way to “expand your profits” as you will be able to buy and sell at will. Kind of like day trading stocks, only this time with physical metal.

There’s only one problem…

This industry is littered with companies that have promised to store Gold for their customers, but in truth their vaults were empty.

The problem is obvious … Greed.  Why should they actually store that Gold when in fact they can just pay themselves big fat bonus checks (with your hard earned money) and tell you not to worry as your “product” is safe and sound?

Now to be clear, not all the companies that store metal, have these policies. But do you really want to take the chance?

What if there really is an economic meltdown and suddenly there is no way to get your metals from them to you … If those metals are even stored away for you …

The ONLY way to own GOLD is with Physical Ownership.  That means your Gold is stored in your home safe or in your safety deposit box.  3rd party storage is not a viable option (in our opinion).

Precious Metals has proven to be a great way to diversify in a world gone mad, but don’t get sucked in. There are quality dealers like 57Gold (12 years in Scottsdale with a perfect A+ rating with BBB).

And as we said before …

57Gold will NEVER offer to store your precious metals for you …

Which should tell you something about what we are like to do business with.

For more information, contact Gary Cubeta at 1-888-950-4653.


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