Think Silver is a big waste of time?  You might want to think again.  When all Hell breaks loose and the social experiment of Free Government handouts ends, you might be on your hands and knees wishing for more Silver.

Report: Silver vs. Gold (The ratio and why it is important)

The current Silver to Gold ratio is around 70-1.  That means it takes 70 Silver coins to buy 1 Gold coin. Traditionally, that ratio has been as low as 16-1, meaning that in today’s market, Silver is potentially a huge bargain.

But is there science to any of this?

Experts at Jefferson Lab have discovered that Silver is nearly 19x more plentiful than Gold within our planet’s crust.  That means that while Silver is clearly more plentiful than Gold, it is not 70-1 more plentiful than Gold.

As recently as 2011, Silver was selling at a 34-1 ratio to Gold.  Back in 1980, Silver was selling at a 10-1 ratio to Gold.  Yet today we are in the 70-1 range, making Silver dirt cheap in comparison to Gold.  Many believe it is nothing more than paper traders on Wall Street working to make Silver seem much less appealing than it actually is.

There are plenty of reasons for all the demand. Silver inventories are frequently depleted because of intense industrial use. Silver inventories are also frequently depleted because people like to buy it because you get so much more product for your money than you do with Gold. It all adds up to constant shortages especially for 1964 and earlier Silver, like Morgans, Peace and Survival Halves.

Regardless of how you dice it, Silver buyers say that it comes down to one simple fact. Silver is ridiculously underpriced, and if the experts are right, it’s only a matter of time until its value starts to catch up to Gold, getting closer to the traditional 16-1 ratio.

Do your own research and then decide. While the Gold to Silver Ratio is far from an exact science and is subject to change, now might be the perfect time to take a little bit of that extra money you have restlessly laying around and put it into some Silver.

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