When it’s payback time for years of Clinton and Obama buying Democratic votes with FREE handouts, you will be dreaming of Silver …

Hope never to Dumpster Dive for Dinner?  Read on …

Ever since the 1929 U.S. major banking collapse, there have been questions surrounding the safety of American financial institutions. Back in 1929, there wasn’t government insurance on bank accounts. So when the bank went under, you went under with it.

In 1933, the same Congress that passed President Roosevelt’s New Deal also passed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), a program that would insure the bank accounts of American citizens. At that time, you could put money back in the bank knowing that the U.S. government would stand behind your savings, even if things went bust.

It all sounded so good.  However, our foundation has begun to crumble. Many didn’t notice at first. Post-9/11 Alan Greenspan lowered interest rates and created the first housing bubble.

Back in 2008, it all came crashing down as the realization hit that while home values had been increasing, the ability of Americans to pay for those increased values was actually decreasing. The job market in this country was stagnant at best, and most of the fresh money being made was by Americans selling their houses to each other.

The dirty little secret of the American Banking System is something known as “Fractional Reserve Banking.” It basically means that for every dollar you give the bank to protect for you, they are allowed to loan it out up to 40 different times.

Set aside $10,000 in a bank, and they can offer up a fresh $400,000 in loans to others. The ironic part of all of this is that you worked hard for your money. You gave it to the bank for safe keeping. And what do they do? They turn around and give it out to people who don’t have the money (otherwise, why would they be going to the bank for loans in the first place?) Most people that they’re loaning money to have a less then exemplary record of paying back their debts.

The term “bank holiday” sure sounds cheery, until you realize that it means a complete freezing of your accounts, and locked doors at your local bank branches. Think it can’t happen.  It just happened in Greece and historically it has happened at different times in other parts of the world.

It all orginates from fractional reserve banking.  When your money is loaned out 40 times its value and suddenly everyone wants their money back … guess what … there isn’t enough money to go around.

This is why people buy Gold and Silver …  They buy it and they hide it.  And no matter what happens, they will always have it, just in case that financial rainy day becomes a reality.

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